Not all dentists can create dentures that look great and feel comfortable. It requires a special skill set, experience, and knowledge of how teeth come together to ensure that you have good results!

Our dentists wanted to create dentures that fit great, feel great, and give our patients confidence when laughing, smiling, and eating – some of the very best things in life!

Our In-House Dental Lab

Rather than relying on outside dental labs to create custom dentures for our patients, we oversee the quality of your dentures from start to finish by creating our dentures in-house. 

Our dentists oversee the creation of your dentures and make any treatment adjustments right here at our Columbiana or Boardman dental offices for faster turnaround and better results!

Complete (Full) Dentures 

When you are missing all your teeth on the upper or lower arch of your smile, complete dentures can replace those teeth and complete your smile. You can increase your dietary choices, supporting better nutrition by replacing missing teeth.

Complete dentures consist of a pink resin base and artificial teeth. Today’s dentures are much more attractive than dentures of the past! If you are thinking of your grandparents’ boxy dentures that looked fake and too big, erase that memory from your mind!

Dentures today are natural looking and realistic. Modern dentistry has come a long way! We will discuss what look you would like for your new smile, including shade, tooth size, and shape to match your facial features, age, and gender. Men and women’s teeth do look different!

Upper dentures work by creating suction with your upper palate. For most cases, upper dentures stay in place without a lot of trouble. If you have significant bone loss, we can always use dental implants to keep your dentures locked-in and stable.

Lower dentures rely on your bony ridge for stability. This can pose a greater challenge to achieve a good fit. We use precise measurements and careful attention to detail to ensure your dentures function properly. As with upper dentures, lower dentures can use dental implants to create stability and give you better results.

Partial Dentures to Replace Missing Teeth

If you still have some of your natural teeth, a partial denture can use their stability as an anchor. Partial dentures come in a wide variety of materials from metal to lightweight plastic to flexible materials to give you great results.

When we plan and create your partial dentures, we will strive to make them resemble your natural teeth so your smile looks great in addition to great function.

For Information on Dentures, Give Us a Call!

We love to help patients achieve better health through high-quality dental care! Our dentists will happily discuss your options with you so you can have a smile that makes you feel great about the way you look!