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When we see new technology that can make dental treatment safer, easier, more accurate, or more comfortable for our patients, we have to learn more! We love constantly providing the latest and best that modern dentistry has to offer because we believe you deserve the very best!

Here are some examples of technology that allows us to give you the outstanding dental care you deserve.

Digital Impressions

One thing patients tell us is how much they hate gooey impressions. These impressions are especially uncomfortable for patients with a strong gag reflex or who have trouble breathing through their noses.

Digital impressions eliminate the need for uncomfortable gooey impressions when we are performing restorative dentistry. Not only are digital impressions more comfortable for our patients, but they are also more accurate!

Instead of a tray filled with impression material, we digitally scan your teeth. We can then upload the information into our software and use it to create your restorations, plan treatment, and give you great results!

Panoramic X-Rays

Individual x-rays are an essential part of your preventive dentistry. We use them to identify infection, decay, and other conditions when it comes to your teeth.

With a panoramic x-ray, we can see the big picture. The panoramic x-ray moves around your head in a circular motion to capture a full horizontal image of your teeth. It also captures valuable information about your bone levels and helps us see your jaw joints. Panoramic x-rays also help us to identify biological landmarks, such as sinuses, which is useful when planning dental implant treatment.

Intraoral Camera

Seeing is believing!

It can be hard to imagine what we see inside your mouth. When we identify dental conditions, such as cracked teeth, we can snap a digital picture of your tooth and show it to you on our treatment monitor right in your room. That way, when we describe a condition, you can see it with your own eyes and gain a better understanding of your condition as well as your treatment options.

Intraoral cameras are also useful for submitting claims to dental insurance companies. We can show them a cracked tooth, which may not appear on an x-ray. We can also use digital intraoral pictures to monitor changes in your oral health.

Trios scanner by 3Shape

This high-tech scanner is used for taking 3D scans of teeth with no radiation! It allows us to take the entire dental lab process digital utilizing computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). All of this means no more gagging on traditional molds or impressions, faster turn around times, and better-looking teeth for you. Using this cutting - edge technology we can effectively communicate with dental labs to get very precise fitting implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges with perfect color matching. 


Cone Beam CT Machine

We use this to take 3d x-rays to plan dental implants so the placement of the implants is very safe and predictable. We can also check a tooth to see if there is a crack or infection that is not visible on the 2D x-ray.

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