Crowns and Bridges

At DeChellis and Stonestreet Dentistry, we believe even the most functional dental restorations can be a work of art.

You don’t have to wait for weeks or a month to receive your new restoration! Our dental lab has an impressive one-week turnaround time so you don’t have to live with a temporary for weeks on end. Our dental restorations and prosthetics are made from the highest quality, durable materials and are always made in the USA.

We use digital impressions for your comfort and convenience! Patients really appreciate that they can avoid the goopy impressions of the past.

Crowns to Repair Damaged Teeth

Our teeth do hard work for us every day, and if you are someone who suffers from a clenching or grinding habit, your teeth are working overtime!

At DeChellis & Stonestreet Dentistry, we do our best to protect your teeth with preventive treatments such as regular dental cleanings and nightguards, but sometimes a tooth cracks, despite precautions. If this happens to you, you can count on our highly skilled dentists to restore your health and comfort quickly.

A dental crown is a restoration that completely covers your tooth above the gumline. A dental crown becomes necessary when your natural tooth sustains damage that puts the structure at risk. Conditions such as cracks, decay, and wear may make your tooth vulnerable to damage. A dental crown protects your tooth and absorbs some of the force from chewing.

Crowns today come in a wide range of materials from full gold to all-porcelain. The restoration that will work best for you depends on your bite, your personal preference, and the location of your affected tooth. If you choose a tooth-colored crown, we will match it to your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless smile.

Fixed Dental Bridges to Replace a Missing Tooth

If you have a missing tooth and you want an alternative to dental implants, a fixed dental bridge is a reliable option.

Dental bridges consist of three or more specialized crowns to fill in the gap in your smile. We will place crowns on your two healthy, adjacent teeth. These will then suspend an artificial tooth in place, filling in the gap in your smile.

A dental bridge provides the benefit of keeping your teeth from shifting to fill the gap from your missing tooth. They are not indestructible, and you should avoid chewing particularly hard foods and sticky foods, like peanut brittle, on your bridge.

We create dental bridges that look natural and attractive so you can have confidence in your appearance!

Dental bridges do require a little extra attention to keep them clean. Special flossers and small brushes allow you to keep food from collecting around your bridge.

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