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Are those instruments you put in my mouth clean?

The safety of our patients is our number one priority!

You can safely seek dental care with us without having to be concerned about exposure to diseases or illness.

We take courses from OSHA each year in order to stay on top of the latest sterilization and sanitation techniques. These classes are a great way to learn about new products and techniques designed to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses.  

Infection control is an area in which we take much pride. We wash our dental instruments in an ultrasonic cleaner, covered in a sanitizing solution to remove both debris and bacteria. Next, we sterilize our instruments in an autoclave between every patient. We place instruments inside sealable pouches, place them inside the autoclave, and the autoclave heats to a temperature that kills any bacteria.

On the outside of each pouch is a sterilization indicator that darkens once the instruments reach a safe heat. The instruments stay inside these bags, which are sterile, until we need to use them.

We train our team in proper sanitation techniques to protect our patients and themselves. They wash their hands between patients and dozens of other times throughout the day. We wear protective gloves, masks, and eyewear in order to provide you with the most sanitary environment possible.

If you have questions about your safety in our office, let us know. We can show you the steps we use to keep you safe and healthy.

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