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Why do I need a dental exam if my teeth feel fine?

Your teeth are unlike any other part of your body.

While pain is often the first indication that something is wrong in other parts of your body, your teeth may not hurt until something is seriously wrong.

Because the nerve inside your tooth is protected by dentin, a bone-like substance, and completely surrounded by enamel, the hardest substance in your body, dental conditions can often show no painful symptoms until the condition puts your tooth at risk.

Regular dental exams, x-rays, and professional dental cleanings are great ways to insure your smile! If dental conditions do arise, we can often detect them early using a dental exam or digital x-rays. In cases of decay, we can often provide treatment before the risk of tooth loss occurs.

If you wait until you have pain or other symptoms, it may be too late to save your tooth or you could require more complex treatment such as a dental crown instead of a filling, or root canal therapy combined with a dental crown. If we had caught your condition sooner, a simple filling may have done the trick! The only way to diagnose your dental conditions early, when they are easier to treat, is with regular dental exams. 

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