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Will my dental procedure hurt?

Our dentists have over fifty years of experience in successfully completing treatments for patients in a pleasant, easy. and efficient manner. We utilize the best anesthetics available – far better than Novocain from long ago! Modern dentistry is constantly making advances for successful and comfortable treatment.

Additionally, we understand that each patient responds differently to anesthetic. That is why we take a complete medical history of each patient. Knowing your health issues and medication list will help us make sure you have a comfortable experience, even for extensive treatment.

Delivering anesthetic is something that our doctors do gently. We use special techniques to make sure your experience is a positive one. We can even use topical anesthetic to make your experience more comfortable.

Don’t let your fear of pain keep you from seeking the dental care you need. Often, putting off treatment can lead to serious oral health conditions.

We are here to help. When you tell us about your concerns, we can put your mind at ease. 

When you come to our Boardman, Ohio, or Columbiana, Ohio, dental offices, we will always take every step possible to ensure a comfortable and positive experience.

Contact us today to schedule your next dental exam with one of our gentle and experienced dentists.

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