Children's Dentistry

A child’s smile is a precious sight!

We welcome you to bring your children to our office for their dentistry because we love working with kids!

Both our Columbiana and Boardman locations welcome children from their very first dental visit. We enjoy watching kids grow and transition seamlessly as their needs change.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child have his or her initial dental appointment by their first birthday. First dental visits are a special occasion in our office! We encourage parents to take pictures and celebrate this milestone with us!

First dental appointments, or “happy visits,” allow us to set a positive foundation for your little one’s oral care. We spend time discussing how to best care for your child’s teeth and answering any questions you may have. We will take your child for a ride in the chair and perform an exam to make sure their development is normal.

Children’s Dentistry

As your child grows, their needs change.

We implement new treatments that are age-appropriate and help keep your child’s smile healthy. We will add in dental cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and hygiene instruction based on their needs and level of cooperation. We never force treatment because we want to keep dentistry a positive experience.

Of course, a prize awaits after their appointment! This is one of the most popular parts of dentistry according to kids!

Gentle Dental Treatment for Kids

Dental decay is the most common childhood disease. While fluoridated municipal water has dramatically reduced the number of cavities kids get, most will still need a filling at some point during childhood. 

We do have two secret weapons to use against decay:

  • Fluoride treatments – Strengthens enamel
  • Sealants – Creates a barrier to keep out decay

Our dentists understand that this aspect of dentistry can impact kids’ long-term relationship with oral health, so we make all dentistry comfortable and pain-free. Our dentists are gentle and deliver anesthetic with a tender touch so that kids learn that dentistry is nothing to fear.

We speak to kids in a way they understand and work at their pace to make each experience a positive one.

Older Kids and Teens

Kids grow so fast! We will help you learn what to expect as your child develops and make sure they are on track. We examine their growth patterns and can recommend treatment such as early orthodontic intervention to ensure a comfortable bite and good oral health in the future.

Regular dental exams, dental cleanings, x-rays, and great home care are the best insurance policy when it comes to protecting your child’s smile.

Call Us for a Pediatric Dental Appointment

We can’t wait to welcome you and your family to DeChellis & Stonestreet Dentistry!

We enjoy developing long-term relationships with the families in both Columbiana and Boardman and helping each of you enjoy a comfortable and beautiful smile.